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[Tortuguero] Tortuguero is a rural community located in the extreme Northwest of Costa Rica, next to the Caribbean coast. The town of Tortuguero belongs to the Province of Limón and the canton of Pococí, Colorado district; having a maximum altitude of 5 meters. Most of the territory of Tortuguero is settled in sandy soils with a high content of humus or organic matter.

The canton of Pococí was created under Law number 12, on September 19, 1911, belonging to the Province of Limón. On July 12, 1971, the Executive Power decreed the creation of the Colorado District, to which Tortuguero belongs; this under Decree 1825-G

Tortuguero has all the basic services such as electrification, drinking water, solid waste management, telephony and internet.

The total population of the Colorado district is 3985 people according to the 2011 Census. Tortuguero, being the main tourist attraction in the area, usually has a floating population of tourists who visit the area throughout the year. It is estimated that Tortuguero is visited by approximately 500 thousand foreign tourists throughout the year of various nationals, predominantly Canadians, Germans, Dutch, Americans and Swedes.

The flow of national tourists is common throughout the year.

Tortuguero presents high levels of security for the citizen and for the visitor; since it also has delegations of the Public Force in the town and also in the area of La Pavona de Cariari, as well as in Caño Blanco.




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